It is very usual these days to offer your leads a gift of free information in return for your prospects details.


As outlined before this information should be of high value allowing your lead to take immediate action to at least partially solve their problem or need.


If they get part of the solution free, and it works for them, they are more likely to buy the rest of the solution from you.


This gift should be designed to establish your credibility and build a level of trust your prospect has in you, a demonstration of your skill or level of knowledge in an initial free product will be 100 times more effective than if you simply tell people that you can provide answers in your sales copy and asked them to buy immediately.


Your gift can also be designed to create additional income if you include various recommendations for products that your prospect may need to help them find their solutions. You receive an affiliate commission if they click on the links and buy.


You would also include a short “call to action” at the end of the gift relating to your product or service, you can put a few links or a small advert partway through the gift but it should not look like one long sales pitch for your product or service.


As explained before your aim is to give the maximum amount of value at this early stage to generate goodwill and a high level of trust in your capabilities and to let them know you can provide further answers in due course. Obviously, if they want these additional solutions to their problems you will be charging a fee which is when your business starts to operate profitably.


Step 4 - Action Tasks & Resources


Visit for live links to all of these recommended Resources.


1.    Think about what you could give away within your niche or business industry that would be of real value to your prospects and which would give them some “results in advance” of purchasing something from you.

2.    Search (Google, Bing) for “free giveaways” to see lots of things you could offer as an incentive for leads to subscribe to your email list.

3.    Here are some other free eBooks you can use as incentives with attractive graphics. Click Here




eBooks you can give away as gifts & incentives


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9 Action Steps

Here are the key steps of ONLINE! SUCCESS The Fundamentals You can click the links below or download the complete eBook below;


The Foundation – “The sales funnel”

Action Step 1 - Choose a Niche Subject

Action Step 2 - Targeted Traffic

Action Step 3 - Online Capture of Leads

Action Step 4 – Give a Gift

Action Step 5 - Automatic Email Delivery

Action Step 6 - Products

Action Step 7 - Getting paid

Action Step 8 - Your primary activity is Marketing

Action Step 9 - Get a Domain Name & Hosting

Conclusion and Recap



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